Coronavirus outbreak- Does China owe the world an apology?

With coronavirus outbreak on a gruesome and brutally destructive journey to infect people and claim lives everyday, at least 201 countries and territories are fighting a battle against the contagion of this pandemic. It is no brainer that timely measures can work like a charm to restrict, limit and inhibit the transmission of covid19. This fact very conveniently makes the hefty bags of accusations and unanswered questions to fall upon the way China dealt with the coronavirus outbreak.

The Allegations

  • Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, said that his administration would carry out some serious investigations to arrive at a conclusion about the spread of coronavirus and that there are many reasons to hold China accountable because the transmission of coronavirus disease could have been stopped in it’s initial stage, without making the world suffer.
  • The president of FABC, Myanmar Cardinal Charles Bo, said that the Chinese regime, led by Xi Jinping owed the world not only an apology but also a compensation for the massive destruction.
  • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg ( Australia), finds it of utmost importance to conduct an independent investigation into the origin of coronavirus and would not ‘trade off health outcomes for economic coercion’.

Why is China being held responsible?

  • Coronavirus before finding it’s place in the books of pandemics, began it’s mission of morbidity and mortality in Wuhan, China. The origin story of coronavirus, is reported to be an outcome of an interaction between a human and a bat in the wet market of Wuhan, famous for the trade of exotic animals. While the debate on origin of coronavirus continues, the fact that such sea-food markets with filthy conditions, can easily pave a way for zoonotic diseases, must not be overlooked.
  • Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist of Wuhan, made efforts to bring into notice the discovery of a new virus, which now is known as coronavirus, on the basis of the observations he made in the newly admitted patients with similar symptoms in December. Instead of applauding the attempts and taking him seriously, he was reprimanded by the police officers for unnecessarily creating fear through rumors. Only if he could express himself without fear, with his words taken into consideration instead of accusing him as a rumor monger, the impact of coronavirus would not have been this mighty. The doctor himself became a victim of the havoc caused by coronavirus but his demise raises several questions on the lack of transparency and the art of concealing facts in China.

Silencing the voices and concealing the truth

  • By the time China revealed the seriousness of coronavirus disease, it had already claimed thousands of lives and affected many countries.
  • The Chinese people who used their voice and influence to question, accuse and bring into the light some unknown heart wrenching facts related coronavirus and how China was dealing with it, went missing. The world can clearly witness how coronavirus is finding it’s way out of China where it originated but the world will never know where Li Zehua, Chen Qiushi, Xu Zhangrun and Fang Bin went!
  • According to a report by Guardian, the documents published by a Chinese University after carrying out a careful research on the origin of coronavirus, were deleted soon after getting published.

The debate if China owes the world an apology or not for making the people of over 200 nations live the nightmare called coronavirus, may or may not end with a conclusive decision, especially with China playing it’s blame game very efficiently. But everyone very soon, deserves to wake up in the world where stepping out of their house without a mask, feels like a normal thing to do.

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