Coronavirus prevention

Prevention of coronavirus disease and the importance of the lockdowns

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak,  minds with an enormous capacity to hold information and be able to explore the unknown with the effective tools of knowledge, intellect, years of relevant experience and technological advancement, are working relentlessly towards the making of the vaccine, that the whole world is restlessly waiting for to prevent the occurrence of cornavirus. But it is understandable that projects which are expected to have absolutely flawless outcomes, take their sweet time to yield results. Considering how contagious covid19 is and with no vaccine available currently, it is essential to observe all the possible precautionary measures to prevent the disease that has already claimed many lives across the globe and doesn’t seem to back off anytime soon.
Preventive Measures:

> Hand Hygiene- Regular washing of hands with soap and water or a sanitizer with 60% alcohol content, is an effective way to kill germs.
> Social Distancing- It is of paramount importance to maintain a safe distance of at least one metre to prevent covid19.
> Refrain from touching your face and other body parts with unclean hands.
> Cover your face with a flexed elbow or a tissue while coughing and sneezing.
> Isolate yourself when if you feel unwell and report the authorities to ensure a timely initiation of the treatment if required after the test  results.
> Do not leave your house unless absolutely necessary.
> Share relevant information and stand up strong against the spread of fake news.

Covid19, haunting the entire human population like a ghost looking for preys on the streets, has confined people to their homes. This being the most challenging consequence of the pandemic, has managed to jeopardize the economic policies with an impact that the finance minister of Germany, according to reports, committed suicide because of his apprehension and fear of failing to cope up with the aftermath of covid19. But regardless of how difficult it may seem to stay indoors and deal with the lockdown, this measure will make sure that we are able to step out, devoid of fear and get back to what how things were before the discovery of coronavirus after some time. According to a recent report, one person infected with covid19, can transmit the disease to 406 people in a span of 30 days in the absence of a lockdown. So the extension of the ongoing lockdown in India is something we must ask for and look forward to, to flatten the curve, to ensure our safety.
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