Covid19: Did we exploit our nature too much to deserve this?

The series of unfortunate events like the destruction caused by covid19, has begun to make 2020 look like karma’s stern way of giving the human race the reminders of long forgotten lessons. While it is difficult to leave a detailed comment on the same, considering the subjective nature of the arguments it may entail, it is safe to say that the lockdown imposed as a result of coronavirus disease, has proven to be a long due beauty treatment for the nature.

Coronavirus led to things that no one had anticipated and made humans witness things they had either not seen before or didn’t expect to be the witnesses of. The nation wide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus disease is the reason behind the much needed healing of the nature which looks like a beautiful makeover. Here is a list of the things that will manage to gift you a little dose of positivity amid coronavirus breakdown:

  • As a consequence of the improvement in the air quality, the residents of Jalandhar (Punjab) could see Dhauladhar range, a part of Himalayan chain of mountains ( Himachal Pradesh) which is 200km away from Jalandhar!
  • Last year, 15 out of the World’s Top 20 most polluted cities were Indian cities, the list no Indian was proud to be a part of. But the improved air quality has done its’ wonders in a way that as of April 2020, none of Indian cities made it to the list!
  • The water of River Ganga, as per the reports of UP Pollution Board(2019), was not even fit for bathing because of water pollution caused by the human activities. But now the river water in Haridwar is clean to the extent that it can be drunk directly.
  • Air pollution in Delhi has been a matter of concern for years but because of a reduction in the emission of harmful gases, the air quality of Delhi in March 2020 was recorded to be the best it has been in the last 5 years.
  • More than 1,00,000 flamingos migrated to the wetlands of Mumbai before their usual time of arrival, due to lack of human interference and the resultant disturbance.

Coronavirus disease needs to be eliminated for good for the benefit of humans but the positive impact of the lockdown gave us a reminder to take measures to ensure a cleaner environment, to stop making human existence look like the root cause of many avoidable problems and disasters.

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