Migrant workers in coronavirus

How coronavirus turned into poverty crisis for migrant workers?

Coronavirus while on its’ mission to claim lives, devastate the economies and irreversibly change lives in a negative way, has managed to expose the dismal state of the poor in India. People across the globe are dealing with the adverse effects of covid19 but Indian daily wage workers, who left their hometowns in search of better job opportunities are not as afraid of coronavirus disease as they are of the starvation, lack of resources to make the ends meet and not being able to see their loved ones because of restrictions on movement.

Why are the migrant workers so eager to return back to their villages in this coronavirus lockdown?

  • The Coronavirus lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of covid19 had to be extended thrice considering the spike in the number of cases. As a consequence of this, some industries had to be closed temporarily while the wrath of coronavirus permanently shut some businesses. Migrant Workers do not possess the savings that can last for months and the financial assistance provided by the Centre and the State Governments, failed to reach many people. Therefore, they want to return back to people they identify as their family because that ensures more chances of survival in the absence of any source of income.  
  • Covid19 because of it’s unforeseen aftermath and the way it became a household name, created terror among people. Any source of destruction like coronavirus disease that threatens to harm or kill, leads to this urge to be among the people who actually care for you, who would be there if anything were to happen to you, who make you feel safer. Migrants Workers are no exception!
  • Coronavirus because of it’s contagious nature and how it makes every patient capable of spreading the infection to hundreds and thousands if not isolated, required the government to impose a strict coronavirus lockdown. But the announcement of the same did not include anything about the people who hail from the states they are currently living in and their transportation. This led to a mighty wave of panic and despair among the migrant laborers who were convinced that walking for hours and days was the only option they were left with!
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