Is India’s population it’s biggest weakness against covid19?

Coronavirus began it’s journey of devastation, debilitation and death in China and the lack of containment let it spread to 213 countries and territories. The first case of coronavirus disease in India was reported on 30 January,2020 in Kerala and despite a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of covid19, the number of confirmed cases is more than 2,58,090 with over 7207 deaths so far.

Coronavirus, a microorganism that invaded the patterns of ‘normal’/ ‘usual’ existence of human beings as its’ introduction, has emerged out as a powerful source of terror that no government, academy or institution, scientist or policy maker was prepared for. Since covid19 is a chapter of history in the making, there are more predictions than what has been documented so far. It did not come as a shock to many when certain research institutes made horrid predictions about the impact of the spread of coronavirus disease in India and India’s dense population paved a way for the words we pray never become a part of the history books yet to be written!

President Ram Nath Kovind while talking about coronavirus disease said, “Large and densely populated countries such as India have to take deliberate steps, especially on the subject of population control. Otherwise, such disasters can have severe consequences in our country.” 

According to the reports, India may become the most populated country of the world by 2024. Pandemics like covid19 do not give time to make arrangements for its’ arrival and with a population as large as ours, circumstances become favorable enough to strengthen the enemy. To make it worse, there are 0.5 hospital beds for 1000 Indians, bringing to light the need to fill the conspicuous voids in the health care system of the country. It is about time that our policy makers spread awareness with a hundred percent efficacy, make laws and ensure their implementation to bring about the necessary changes because we now know what happens when troublemakers like coronavirus are in the position of power. After all, it is better to take measures to control the population than have a huge chunk of it swept off by a pandemic.

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